fork and shock springs

Anybody replace their fork and shock springs? I weigh 240lbs and I was wondering what type springs would be best for my weight. The springs on my '03 WR are way to soft. Any suggestions?


'03 WR450F :)

Call your local suspension shop. I priced Race Tech components and they were only 50-70 bucks cheaper than ESP did the hole thing for. It also cuts out a lot of time loss with trials and errors.

Good Luck

I am also looking for replacement springs as I weigh 200 and they are way to soft. Got a quote from XR's only. Who is ESP?

5.8 kg rear spring with stock front springs works for me at 230 lbs. :)

Thanks, I will check into it.

Exceptional Suspension Products. They are a West Coast specialist. I'm very happy with the job they did on mine. Front forks weren't a huge difference, but the rear is amazingly superior. Worth the investment.

818.951.9144 Talk to Chad.

Good Luck

Thanks, I will try them.

I weigh about the same as you. I went with an Eibach 5.8 rear spring and left the rest of the suspension stock. It works great for me. Really helped on the whoops. Leave plenty of sag.

Thanks, is there an online store where I can purchase the springs?


How much sag? I just had Rocky Mountain Racing Works revalve my bike and they put a 5.1 rear spring on it. It had 5.5 inches of sag when I got it back. I rode it before I checked it. I thought it was good. I checked the sag and set it 4 inches. Now, it handles too fast. It doesn't feel as stable, etc... I do like how it keeps pegs up out of the ruts better. I think I'm going to try 4.5 - 4.6 inches.


I run 3.6" of rear sag with the forks raised 15 mm in the triple clamps! My bike is very stable and still does not turn as quick as a KTM 450 EXC or CRF450. Maybe your steering head bearings are loose? :)

Really, the best thing I did was had my suspension completely revalved. I contacted John at Motopro in Woodinville Washington and he dialed my WR450 in perfectly for off road and when I moto, I just stiffen it up and it is extremy plush. I did not need to put stiffer springs in the front. (The fork spring rates are the same as the YZ's)It's all valving and the stock valving on the WR Absolutely Blows! You have not ridden until you get a revalve and you will be kicking yourself for not revalving from the beginning. It is so worth the money because you will get less arm pump, it rides higher in the stroke and the bike is way more controled at high speeds and chop. Get R Done! :)

What else can be done to make this bike turn tighter? The woods we ride are very tight single track. Has anyone gone to a 20" front? Already have raised forks.


I weigh 245, I replaced the front springs with 49's, and the rear a 60...There is a local shop in San Diego that did the valving work for me, and it is absoulutely perfect...He can let you know based on weight, and ability what to use...GREAT GUY....Rudy Casteneda..Owner of PRO PREPT SUSPENSION / Escondido 760-489-5774

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