2000 YZ426 oil delivery pipe bolt stripped

I stripped the threads out of the hole in the right side crankcase cover where the oil pipe bolts in. No problem, I thought, I'll just heli-coil it and be on my way. Not so fast... I am measuring M8 x 1.30 on the threads and can't find a thread repair kit with this thread pitch. Has anyone ran into this problem before and fixed it without replacing the crankcase half?

The thread is M8x1.25. You'll have more luck finding that.

On another note, a Time-Sert is a better repair because it spot faces the top of the hole to ensure it's square with the bore axis and will seal better.

Thanks grayracer513, I went back and measured the bolt and your correct, M8 x 1.25. The threads had stretched towards the top of the bolt. doh! I'll go with the Time-sert as well.

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