2008 YZ with the WR transmission ?

I've done some searching, and I am just looking for confirmation that the 2008 YZ450F can accept several gear changes to approach the ratios of the WR450 bike.

Essentially, I want to make a faster, lighter, non-e-start WR450

Where does one find a tech who has done this conversion ?

I do not want to guess my way through it.....

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Search it out a little more here. I'm sure you'll find a thread or a post that will confirm that it works.

I am about to embark on a great crusade and attempt a trans swap on a 2011. People have swapped 4th or 5th gears but nobody has reported swapping the entire box.

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krannie, in the past i have put 03/05 style wr gears into a 03/05 yz250f allso wr 400 gears into a yz 400 and they would go into a 426 as well- same family, so i suspect if you found an 08 wr trany you could pop what ever gears you wanted from it into your yz. so if it was me wanting to do the swap i,d find out what year yz motors are the same design as the 08 -their must be a few years then i,d take a chance on fleebay and buy a wr trany from those years

let us know what you find out and good luck

Yes, people have used the whole trans and yes, it fits. Read the thread posted in #7

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