check the bolts after every ride?

ijust installed the terrycable flywheel weight (12oz) . in the instructions it says that i should check the bolts after every race - do u guys realy check them ?

I don't have a flywheel weight, but the manual states that you should retorque the rotor nut after every ride as well. I checked it the first couple of rides and haven't checked it since, though I'm sure they have a good reason to recommend checking it.

what page does the manual say this? I dont recall reading this!


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If I'm not mistaken it's in one of the many periodic maintenance charts towards the front of the manual listed with a dot in the every race catagory. I haven't read the chart in a while so I will double check when I get home tonight.

Here it is on page 3-2 of the '01 manual. The second row down from the top, "Rotor Nut". It says "retighten" after break in and after every 5th race.

I was incorrect when I said every race, sorry about that. I remembered it incorrectly.

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