is my clutch on its way out?

THis doesnt necessarily need to go in the model specific forum, but gray has been so helpful! I went for a ride 2 days ago, and i noticed that every time i pulled in the clutch to stop or even just slow way down, the bike would die unless i was giving it a little throttle. I just had the carb rebuilt, and i know the jets are clean, and it idles fine in neutral, and runs great other than this. the clutch is adjusted all the way out, and i knew it was getting close. any thoughts?

That's what mine did.

There are three different conditions you might be describing:

  • Clutch drag. If it idles significantly slower in gear than out, tends to pull forward at a stop in gear, and/or is harder than normal to find neutral, the clutch is failing to release when disengaged. This can be caused by adjustment (too much slack), bad plates, and/or a beat up basket/boss.

  • Clutch plates "sticking". The symptoms here are a little different. You roll up to a stop, pull the clutch, and find it won't release unless you blip the throttle. Once you get it to let go, it acts more or less normal. Certain combinations of motor oil and aged clutch lings can cause this, or it can be notches in the basket or boss "camming" the plates together.

  • Idle too rich. This assumes you have a four-stroke. With an overly rich idle (usually incorrectly done to eliminate decel popping or improve throttle response), the engine will "coast down" faster on a throttle release, and may dip below idle speed briefly or stall.

Mine was doing the same thing. I can assume you mean the clutch is dragging in gear. Changed out the friction plates and steel plates and also put in some new springs. They sell them in kits, I used the Tusk clutch kit,

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