Braded brake line for Front Brake on YZ 426

I am trying to get some of the mush out of my front brake and get additional feel. Any body got a line on a source for the best braided stainless steel fron brake line? Also what do you guys like for high performance brake fluid? I have heard Motul is the tits. What about it.



00 KTM 520 EXC

01 Yamaha YZ 426

78 Yamaha TT 500

78 Yamaha SR 500

Fastline brake cable w/the Honda routing works great for me. I am also using the Motul fluid and seems to work really good. Very firm feel and good modulation. Highly recommended.

I'm using the FrontLine as well. Works great, but you'll have to re-structure the mount to the fork guard. Also make sure to remove all the slack between the mount and the caliper, or the line will hit the rotor and or spokes.

As for Motul, I've used it for years in both autos and motos. For extreme heat, it works great.

However, I've noticed that Motul reacts differently with the seals than does conventional fluid. As with most higher performance mods, the operating tolerance is tighter, requiring more attention.

Also make sure that you don't have any air in the system. Sometimes you'll get air stuck behind the pucks that won't clear when you bleed the valve.


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