WR450 Front Brake Line

My stock front brake line ruptured yesterday. Has anyone replaced theirs with a Honda brake line? If so, which one did you buy and are there any tricks to mounting it?


I have been wanting to replace mine with the "direct" route line. Fastline is supposed to have one, but I've had little luck tracking it down.

Let us know what you come up with.

Good Luck


i went to the ride engineering line. cr routing. i didn't like the way the stock line came off the master cylinder in a downward bend. you'll need the clamp they sell also. it doesn't come with the line. the instructions say you have to take the fork guide off. i just trimmed the piece that wraps around the front of the fork gaurd so it wouldn't touch the brake line. it bleeds a lot easier than the stock set up also. i can't really tell much difference in performance. i don't go fast enough.

I got the light speed kit and it came with a carbon fiber line that is too short to work with a headlight. It requires a YZ number plate and routes across the front of the number plate. I am getting a custom one made to length with the right length PVC tube with heat shrunk ends. I do not know if one is available just for the WR450's. :)

MTRABLUE, thanks for the tip on ride engineering. I just ordered the line and bracket on-line.



I got the ride line also. :) It mounted with out any problems and is honda routed. :D

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