Front brake master cylinder swap

Who has swapped out their front brake master cylinder for a Honda or KTM front brake master cylinder. And was the front brake performance improved? I have searched, and got some answers, but would like more from people that have done the swap.

Just moving this up again, anybody do this with positive results?

I swapped the front master cylinder on my 08' 450. I originally added a oversize rotor (280mm EBC) and was happy with the power, but the feel at the lever was not very firm and was too progressive for my taste. I changed the front master cylinder with one from an 07' Honda 250r, since it has some sort of linkage (I can't remember the details) that improved stopping power a bit. After the swap, I got the firm one finger feel I was looking for. It still doesn't have quite the power of a stock KTM set-up (perhaps it is still a bit more progressive than the KTM), but it gets the job done and is much better than it was. In doing the swap, you have to bend your front brake hose slightly where it mounts to the master cylinder, but as long as you take your time it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks jim513, I also have the oversize front rotor but the feel at the lever is really mushy. And yes it has been bled very well. I just think a swap to the Honda master cylinder would improve this feel, and not be overly complicated.

I also went the honda route and bought a like new 2010 CRF 450 master cylinder and i have to say it REALLY made a huge difference in the way it stopped. it feels fantastic and im kinda bummed i didnt drop the money for it earlier. the only mod i had to do was file down part of my hand guard mount so that the brake line would clear it. but other than that should be comletely interchangable. good luck! :ride:

I did the swap, wasn't great, you will get the same effect as swapping the brake line for a braided one, and its cheaper, best bet is to get the braided line with oversize rotor

@71, thanks for the reply and info. @Stu2, what year master cylinder did you use? And I have a SS line also. Just feels mushy and i dont like the feel, want it to be firmer. I changed out the master cylinder on my 1997 KX250, and it did wonders along with the CR style of line. I had read that the newer style CR master cylinder had a different leverage ratio which could help with the mushiness. I think it was 2009 and above years.

It was from an 09 crf 450

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