spanner wrench thickness (what's the max)

I picked up what I thought was the thinnest wrench that I could find, but it turns out that it's the same thickness as my craftsman, just longer so it looks thinner. frown.gif I think I'm just going to take the grinder to this one. I haven't had the forks apart yet, but do any of you have a guess for the thickest a wrench could be to be useful when changing the fork oil? This one is 8mm thick and I want to grind it before I take the forks apart.


I've never had to grind a wrench. Pulling the spring down the thickness of any wrench will let if fit just fine. Some of the older Showa forks had to have a thin (4mm?) wrench to loosen the locknut but you won't need that for your KYB's.


MX Tuner

Ahh, excellent, thanks! From the picture in the manual and from what I've been reading I thought that you had to have a thin wrench. Now I can get my $10.99 back from home depo. smile.gif

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