Converted Suzuki - Yamaha

I traded my 2005 DRZ400SM for a 2005 WR450F supermoto and I couldn't be happier. The WR is a monster, I am starting on uncorking it now to get the full potential out of it. I am ordering a GYRT AIS removal kit and a new JD jet kit. AS well as doing the gray wire mod. The bike is solid, 450 is where the fun is :-)

If it stay's this mild out, IDK when I am going to get a chance to pull it apart and do everything I want to it.





good trade


I've never heard of a cooling jet, what page of that post refers to it?

My plans right now are AIS removal, rejet, TPS removal (done) and gray wire mod. Then if I can find one I will do a YZF exhaust, that should fully uncork it. It is a monster as it, I can't wait till it is fully breathing fire.

page 8

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