Falling out under riding.

I have a YZ450F 2011 the bike sometimes falls out under load I did a reading with the diagnostic tool and it told me D61 fault code 30.

This is the lean angle sensor and it's in the ECU so I replaced the ECU and still the same problem. I checked all connections they are all oke. The problem is the bike runs great but sometimes and you never know when the engine stops, I had it on a jump face, and sometimes after a landing sometimes during acceleration it's always a surprise. Did anyone have this problem and found out what the solution is?

does the new ECU show the same codek?

Yes the same reading after searching I think the fuel pump stops sometimes I like to know how the ECU sees this as a faulty lean sensor.

Is the ECU mounted in the stock position, or was it relocated?

The ECU is mounted on the original place. At the moment after measuring all components I have the feeling that the fuel pump sometimes stops and the ECU recognizes this as lean over sensor problem I will change the fuel tank to try. Thank you for thinking about this issue.

Are you sure it's not a bad kill switch?

It could be but it's only a few month old the last time I tried the bike slowly every time I used the brakes the bike stopped during engine breaking without pulling the clutch and it most of the times stops after a jump I have a strong feeling it's in the fuel tank.

Ahhhh, nothing wrong with carbs but they just had to switch them for computers. well thats what you get!! that never happened to a properly jetting carb before but mr. japanese computer pants just had to go a screw everything up and put a 10 pound fuel injection system on a dirt bike that randomly breaks. thanks yamaha, kawaski, suzuki, honda. (p.s im just messing around, no hard feelings please)

There are a lot of components that are needed for the engine to run but only for running and not diagnostic for the ECU memory storage are the AC magneto or stator, wiring, condenser, the fuel pump, spark plug, ignition coil, rectifier/regulator, fuel pressure. Only three of them can fail accidentally AC stator, wiring, fuel pump and fuel pressure. Only two of these three can fail abruptly AC stator and wiring. I checked fuel pressure and it's OK the engine stops under 1 bar that's about 2 bar less then normal. During running I moved the wiring everywhere and no misfiring at all. I think I will replace the stator this one can fail by temperature change and can start working after seconds again and can be good while measuring and fail under load or high temperature. The bike has 160 hours and carburated bikes have these problems also sometimes.

Yesterday tested the bike with a new stator on an indoor track until now no problem at all next time I will test on a teavy sand track if it is fine there the problem is solved.

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