04 YZ450F tire sizes

I accidentally purchased the wrong size tire for my 04 YZ450F. I was trying to but a 120/80-19 but bought a 120/90-19. It currently has a 110/90-19 on it right now, but I wanted to run a bigger rear tire mostly due to only riding trails. Will the 120/90-19 fit this machine without problems? Or should I just try to sell it and get a 120/80-19?


The 129/90 will fit, and might be better for your purpose, or not. It IS a bigger tire. The body of the 120/80 is wider than the 110/90, but just about the same height above the rim. The 120/90 is both wider and taller.

In a trail area where you're dealing with lots of rocks, roots, and other stuff mixed in, the extra height will help protect the rim while letting you run lower tire pressures.

Some people don't like one or both of two things about 120's on the back of YZ450's, though. One s that the bike starts out being reluctant to turn into corners on command, and a wider tire in back can aggravate that enough to notice. The other is that the bike starts out with a tendency to push the front end when turning in, and adding rear cornering traction doesn't help that, either.

Personally, I don't like the weight. The rear suspension works better with a lighter rear tire, so I run a 110/90. But that, and the other two complaints I mentioned are usually more important as you go faster. Everyone has their own version of what "trail riding speed" is. Mine's going to be different than yours or Malcom Smith's, so it could still be just the tire you were looking for.

Thanks fur the great info. Looks like I will just mount it and try it.


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