426 Still has what it takes

In my first year back dirt bike racing in about 35 years, I'm proud to say that my '00 426 still has what it takes to win. In the Hare Scrambles series here in Texas my 426 took me to a final race win and overall championship win in the 50+ C class. I also finished on the podium overall in the 450F C class. Frequently, my lap times have been in the top 5 of the same 'B' class.

I bought this bike about 7 years ago and it promptly blew up 1 hour into the first day. I repaired the top end, piston and all associated parts and rode in a couple of events when it blew up again with less than 10 hours on it. Frustrated, I was ready to part it out but, instead, I put it in the back of the garage and continued road racing. About 18 months ago I replaced the damaged cases with some eBay units and replaced the top end with new parts. The bike has run great ever since. The suspension is stock and original with the only changes being a Rekluse clutch and '03 decomp cam.

The moral of the story? I guess it is that, while the new stuff is very nice, don't discount the older bikes ability (whether it's a 426, or older 450) to hang in there with the best of them. My bike is not pretty but it starts first kick when hot and one or two kicks when cold.

Here is clip of this weekend's 50+C race. Dead engine start.

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There's more than one 426 still raising hell in District 38, too. :thumbsup:

why are the youtube videos that are on these forums all white?I cannot view the video only get a white picture,sounds ok.If I convert it to 3d it will show but not in 2d.

cool vid!!

00' 426 here also...

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