Sidewinder chains & sprockets

I am shopping for a new chain and sprocket set. My stock chain is ready for retirement. I would like a chain that I don't have to tighten every time I ride.

I have seen the sidewinder advertisements and have visited their web site. Although the prices for the o-ring chain and the titanium series sprockets are high, the claims that they make are impressive and the quality looks high.

Are any of you using their components and are you happy with them? Can you recommend any chain and sprockets?

Also, I am wondering if I should stick with the stock gearing. I ride mostlty MX. I would hate to buy A $150+ rear sprocket and wish that I had one with more or less teeth.

I know that gearing depends strongly on rider preference and riding area, but any advice on these subjects would be greatly appreciated.


You will get many different opinions on this, but here is what I think. I bought into the Sidewinder add a year ago...personally I think their stuff is not worth it. I have gone back to using Sprocket Specialists sprockets and DID VM series chains.

I tried sidewinder years ago and they lasted longer than anything else I had tried. However I don't remember paying $150 for the rear sprocket. I have no idea how much other brands cost for this bike but $150 sounds high. If that's a little bit more than other brands then I would personally go for it, but if it's 2x or 3x more than other brands then I'm not sure it's worth it.

$150.00 might be a price for both sprockets and the chain. If the sprocket only is that price, it better be gold plated.


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Wyatt, I have always used DID 520 chains and AFAM sprockets with good luck. They seem to hold up well. I mainly race MX, I went to a 50 tooth rear and love it. Just my 2cents



Never tried the Sidewinder stuff - they seem a bit steep. I am currently running a Renthal 0-ring chain and I've always used Talon sprockets - I like their gold anodized look. Everything is holding up great. I've only had to adjust the chain once and that was after the first ride with it. I too ride strickly MX - so I went up 1 tooth on the rear.



I'm running the Ti-moly sprocket & chain on a 426 and they are not passing my test. I have about 1500 miles of mostly trail riding, and the rear is showing signs of wear. I was hoping for 2 years of use with one chain replacement in the middle and I don't think it will happen! The units have been on for 3 months!


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I have the the ti-moly setup on my '00 YZ and it was way to expensive. I believe that the o-ring chain is good and it doesn't cost anymore than a DID chain. It hasn't stretched at all in about 6 races. But the sprockets are definately not worth the money. They feel just as heavy as a steel sprocket and probably will hold up just as long. $150 for the rear and $40 for the front. I would say that the best thing for keeping your chain and sprockets good is checking the chain adjustment every time you have a chance and making sure your rear wheel is perfectly aligned. This will be the last time I spend $300 for a drive setup.

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