2012 ZY450F

So it's been a while since I have been on here. I got rid of my 2000 426 when I got divorced over a year ago. But a couple months ago I decided I needed a toy in my life, so I treated myself to a brand 2012 YZ450F. This bike is amazing. I have been riding for 20+ years and this thing scares the s$%* out of me, but in a good way :). I broke it in up the woods and it was hard to get used to the pull this thing has when cornering. Last weekend I put the paddle tire on and took it to the Oregon Dunes for the first time. Oh My God! This thing is a beast in the sand. I haven't messed with a single thing on this bike (besides suspension stifness) and I don't think it needs it. This bike is the smoothest, most powerful and all around perfect bike. Just thought I would give my two cents on the Bike.

If anyone has a 2010-2012, and has done any mods to it that they recommend, I would really appreciate it. Also if anyone has the GYTR programmer and recommend it or not, I would love to hear that before I buy one. Thanks a lot everyone.

Congrats on the spoil! I have a 2011 that is an incredible bike. I put a K&N filter and an FMF slip on and it really opened the bike up. Some people talk shit on the K&N but if you maintain it and use a good amount of grease, It seals great. I used a friends programmer and put in the Marmont map and it works pretty well. I can say I'm happy with it enough not to go spend a couple hundered on the programmer for myself.

I also had my forks and shock Gold Valved and threw on a Pro Circuit lowering link. The bike is absolutely perfect now. It corners incredibly well and is the most stable 450 hands down.

If you're a woods guy, you should probably put on some Works Connection radiator braces or your factory radiators will not last very long.

Congrats on the bike Ryno, be sure to re-grease the shock linkage and neck bearings,. the factory does not use much

Enjoy !

May want to get you a over sized rotor kit like this to help ya stop quick.


And this to go with the rotor to help the feel of the brake at the lever


Also you may want to jack your forks up in the clamp like this to make it turn real good. Mine are 6mm's up right now . i havn't rode it yet to test it but did like it 5mm up so six may be just the spot.


If it aint broken dont fix it. I understand moding can be important to get a competitive edge over opponents (good reason) or simply to do because you think its cool ( bad reason). If you are riding the bike around just for fun dont touch anything, make sure you set the suspension sag for your weight and fix anything that gets out of tune. But tinkering with clicker settings when you dont know exactly what they do etc, or spending 500 bucks on a pipe etc is a complete waste of time and money unless your a racer or a person who cares nothing for money and the frustrations involved in properly tuning your upgrades or dealing with the increasing amount of maintenance involved in them (slight for the most part but add up in the end). :prof:

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