102.6 GCR240

Here in South Africa the highest Octane Unleaded\Leaded is 93. At my local garage I happened to notice that they sell Shell 102.6

GCR240 Octane Racing Fuel(leaded).

I don't know weather I should try it or not?

The owner’s manual recommends 95 Unleaded (we don't have that) would I need to change any thing if I do decide to try?

PS-what does the GCR240 mean

Can you find out if this fuel is oxygenated? Probably, the most you would need to do is change the main jet one step....maybe two. If the fuel is oxygenated, a richer main jet would most likely be the direction to go. As far as the pilot circuit, you might just need a small adjustment on the fuel screw. It depends on the distillation curve of the fuel.

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