hi-comp piston

i am considering running a hi-comp13.5:1 wiseco piston in my stock 08 yz450! Will i have any jetting changes to make? Can i run 93 octane pump gas? I do have an fmf powercore 4 slip-on on it. I got the piston cheap a while back and didnt install it. Just wondering how it woould work or if i should just go with stock!

I looked up Wiseco and found the piston to be a 13:1. I think im gonna try it! Any info would be helpful.

Take at look at this piston combo set up.


I went with a big bore kit for my 426 using Wossner piston good price for a forge piston kit.

I am waiting for my cylinder to come back from beening bored for the oversize piston so I can put back together.

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