Wrapping exhaust with temp tape

I was changing my oil last night for the first time and realized how close the exhaust header/pipe is to the coolant line. Has anyone ever tried wrapping the pipe with that "header temp tape" like they use on the exchaust headers on cars? Or perhaps one of those forearm wraps the pit guys use. I realize it will collect dirt, but wouldn't this help reduce the heat transfer and keep the bike cooler?

Any comments?

I wraped my radiator hose, put some over my rear brake caliper and some under the exhaust side radiator. I have removed the stock pipe and now have the Yosh TI pipe and header.

I saw in a recent publication of Dirt Bike magazine that many factory riders wrap an extra piece of radiator hose around coolant hoses and fuel lines for an insulating affect. Wrapping the header with heat tape is fine, however, it will become torn and tattered if you ride in the brush. This seems like it would become a maintenance headache.


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I wrapped my header (you can read the post I did about 8 mos. ago...just search for header wrap) It worked really well (kept my pants from burning) and looked cool too! It lasted about 4 months until I rode in the water/mud one day...after that ride it fell off from all the constant temp. changes from the water. I would recommend doing the header wrap. Just dont ride in water and it will last a long time. I bought my header wrap at a local Hot rod shop for $40 for a 50ft roll (believe it or not but it also has many other uses, such as sidepanels heat shields, muffler gaskets ,etc) Later,



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The other consideration is the heat transfer to the shock reservoir.

The YZ header seems to be made of a different material, but when I wrapped the after market headers on my old truck (voided the warranty) they lasted about 8 months before they crumbled like clay. I guess the extra heat did them in over time. Maybe the YZ header can take it?

I've had my stock '01 header wrapped for several months, and had the PC T4 on my '00 wrapped for over a year and haven’t noticed any corrosion on either.

But I live in the desert. However the headers on my Chevy Blazer that I wrapped back in HS did eventually rust/corrode. Of course I did get it stuck in the river that one time...

The PC header I wrapped to protect my pants, the '01 I wrap because my Acerbis petcock on that side is pretty close to the header (tank wouldn’t even fit with the PC header).

I use header wrap in one layer and tie each wrap with safety wire. Like Bryan mentioned, this was irritating on my '00 because before long the local flora would do it in and I finally found a heat shield for my header instead. On my ’01 however I only wrapped the portion where the heat shield begins and back to the collector and then reinstalled the guard. It has held up very well.

I don’t know that this would help keep the coolant temps down any measurable amount but that isn’t why I did it.

I also used to wrap the collector by the brake reservoir. I never have on my ’01, no real reason, but once on my ’00 I broke the mounting tab for the reservoir and it was resting against the wrapped collector. And it melted anyway, permanently gluing itself to the header wrap.

So don’t overestimate how effective it is, but it will help save your pants/boots on headers with no heat shields, I’m not sure it is keeping the fuel any cooler on my bike but maybe it will help prevent a fire someday shocked.gif

I recently bought some Thorley headders for my chevy, and they said wraping the headers would void the warranty. Reason: the wrap holds too much heat in the header. It will warp and possibly melt. Another down side is the wrap holds moisture and will promote rust. I think wraping the hoses is the better option.

My .02


Thanks all for the comments. As a new rider I'm really surprised at the amount of information that is available here! The comments, suggestions and tips are excellent. My son (8yrs old) and I got bikes together and most of the time I'm following him around at sloooow speeds. That's why I wondered about the header wrap because of the lack of air flow through the radiator. I like the idea of covering the radiator hose also, and comparing the cost, I think that's what I'll try...

the reason header wrap voids header warantys is because it holds in moister that will cause the header to rust and rot out ,it has nothing to to with heat melting the header

I saw a bunch of guys using it at the 4 Stroke Nationals, I think I am going to try it.

not sure about the moisture thing. Firstly, the header will develop enough heat to evaporate any water in the fabric, but even if it doesn't, i doubt your stainless steel header will start to rust out.

i know it is not recommended for cast iron exhaust manifolds because it traps too much heat and causes the manifold to 'crystalize' or something like that. Anyway, it will cause your manifold to crack, unfortunatly.

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