Loosening throttle tube

After reading the direction for my new hand guards (Enduro Engineering) I'm a bit confused as to how you are supposed to loosent the throttle tube. The bike that the instruction video is using (EE you tube channel) appears to have screws that allow you to loosen and the slide the tube out some. I may be staring right at it, but I can't figure out how to loosen or move any part of the throtle assembly. Help would be much appreciated!

not sure why you would have to mess with the throttle sube to install handguards, which ones did you get?

most likely they mean to loosen the two screws on the throttle perch so you can slide the entire throttle assembly around in case it's too close to the bar end and the grip may bind with the hand guard.

* just watched the video, they are just showing you how to cut the hole in the end of the grip so the handguard hardware can be inserted in the bar end.

just use a sharp razor blad and cut the end of the grip so you can slide the entire throttle assembly towards the center of the bars without the grip hitting the bars and you're good to go. Then just mount your handguard and slide the throttle assembly back to the end a hair away from touching the handguard.

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I watched the video as well and I was wondering how to loosen the throttle perch so I can move it around if need be. Didn't see any screws on mine

Slide the rubber piece off to the side. The screws are under there.

Ok, got it. Thank you

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