Valve Adjustments

I have a 98 model yzf and I'm getting a little ticking noise in the motor. the valves have been adjusted once since new, is it time to do it again, its been almost two years since done. is this an expensive job or simple? thanks for all the info...

Yes it is time! Valve clearance should be checked on regular intervals like oil changes etc. Do you have a manual? Pre-titanium years seem to need a little more adjustment, my trend on a '99 is tightening (seat wear?)over time (more early), but I have only needed to re-shim twice (6months old, and last winter). They have been stable now for almost a year. Some friends with 98's (lots of miles)have actually turned the corner and have seen some loosening. If the bike has been ridden regularly you are almost certainly out of spec and could possibly burn a valve that is not fully closing not to mention compression loss. There are detailed explanations of the process on this site, simply search "valve adjustment" or look on technical page. It is not that hard. BTW, check the timing chain while your at it.

Good Luck, Keith

Check the technical FAQ on the WR426 side! It has 2 detailed procedures on how to do the valve adjustments.


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