Hammer Head axel block problem

I got myself a set of Hammer Head axel blocks for my 2012 YZ450 and the right hand block seems to be too thick, i cant get the nut to thread on enough. The Hammer Head block is 4.5mm (3/16") thicker than the origional. Has anybody else had this problem ? I hope the picks below can explain.

Thickness comparison.


With origional washer and nut.



With a nylon washer that i made.



Those are wrong part. I have the same ones and they are only 9.5mm thick total.


What it should look like.

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I checked the package it came in and it was marked for a 2010-2012 YZ450 so something went wrong at the hammerhead factory.Im gonna take it to work and get one of the guys in maintenance to machine it down.

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