2009 yz450f Top dead center problem 2

Hello everyone I have a big concern regarding my 2009 yz450f. I just purchased this bike and was going to check the valves. When I went to get the flywheel marks to line up with the case mark They would not. I know for a fact the bike is at TDC by looking at the cam marks that align with the engine wall. I also put a long allen key in the sparkplug hole and when the cam marks aligned the key was at its highest. The flywheel/ left case marks are about 1 cm from where they should be. I took the flywheel off and I noticed that the woodruff key and crank all looked right. Could anyone tell me if their is a way that the previous owner improperly installed the crank? Also since the timing marks on the flywheel dont line up I believe my engine is getting false ignition readings. The bike does bog horribly when running. Could anyone send a picture of their 06-09 yz450f at TDC (the flywheel marks mostly). I would like to see if your marks look like mine or not. PLEASE HELP!!!

Also the stupid flywheel has 3 marks next to each other. Which mark am I suppose to go off of, my manual only shows 1 mark and the last mark on the right (if I was to go off of that one) is about half a centimeter off from the left case cover mark.

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