Even when I smile it hurts...

Yesterday my friend James and I took the Big Red Pigs out for a hardcore Dual Sport ride. I like riding with James cause he's a hardcore A rider who cuts great, technical trails. If I charge a gnarly section he charges it without question. If he leads I follow wherever he goes. I followed him 1/2 the day and he followed me the other 1/2. He likes it gnarly and so do I which is probably why I'm so sore.

It's been raining all last week here in Hawaii. When it rains here it's not like California where you get perfect traction but just the opposite. Slippery mud everywhere. :) We did 40+ miles of great, wet, nasty trail and 70+ miles overall. Sorry, I forgot the camera but it was awesome and I'm hurting. I love training on the BRP. Right now I need Advil and I think James does too... Thanks partner...:D :D

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