Dual Sportin it

Any body in Oregon able to Dual Sport the WR 450 ? Worth a try or forgetaboutit !!!

Absolutely worth a try. I'm converting mine right now into supermoto trim. as soon as i get the blinkers hooked up, I'm taking it to DMV and will get my plate. If you need any help, let me know and I might be able to provide some assistance.

I'm just south of Portland.

not in orgeon but have had mine legal since i bought it used and it's awesome.

we ride alot in areas where plates are mandatory and it almost feels like a cheater bike compared to most plated bikes here in PA.

Montana here, and WR's are easy to plate (along with all dirtbikes). Totally worth it!!!

I have a plated WR400/426 in CA its in sumo trim and I commute on it daily. Hands down the funnest bike I have ever ridden!!!!! And I've ridden some fun bikes: Busa, Buell XB12, V-rod, GSXR-750, ZX6r...

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