Illinois Riding areas/tracks

I live in Illinois (near Springfield) and I want to know some good surrounding areas to ride MX or any other type of riding. Anyone know any?


A bike is only as good as the rider.

Hey Flyhigh! its good to see another IL rider on this board. They might be a bit of a drive for you, (I live Naperville) but I will list the tracks I ride.

1-Joilet Motorsports park Willmington 815-476-7433 or (stadium layout)also my favorite.

2-Buffalo range 815-433-2471 Ottawa (mx)fun track on raceday or after a rain the day before otherwise its a dust bowl.

3- SunsetRidge find link at

Awsome track! Sandy loam, great jumps, always well groomed and watered limited practices though. Hope this is helpful.

I almost forgot,you also can go on and go to the track guide for IL it lists discriptions and #s .

Thanks, I might try some of those tracks sometime. The only tracks I know of close to me right now are...

1. South-Fork Dirtriders(mx and trails) about 30 mins. away from me. and

2. A track in Mt Olive that I cannot see to find what its called or where it is there or anything. Do you know anything about it? Anyways, thanks for the help!


Are these for us old slow guys also :). I think I need to check some of these out. Thanks


WRFUN Being one of the oldest and also the slowest,I would have to say yes. I would stay away from Joliet Motosports if you dont'like DBL-DBL-DBL timing sections although they do split classes,and quite a few C class riders go there.Ottawa is a old school track with enough woods trails around it to get you lost for days. Sunset Ridge is also not very technical but the sandy loam is watered all day, nicely groomed and is worth the drive when they have a practice.See ya!

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Hey guys,

Another IL. rider here. Anyone up for Buffalo Range this saturday? Another place to ride (but not without a drive) is Badlands in Attica In. Pretty fun. Lots of sand to keep you on your toes.... Sunset ridge? never heard of that one. Other than that, welcome to Illinois. If it weren't for the job market around here, I would be history. We are right in the middle of anything fun. Skiing, Hunting, mountains, curvy roads... I guess I pick the wrong hobbies.

Tim, Tuck..

I agree Chicago sucks for everthing but work. Also, I would like to take you up on the offer for Buffalo Range, but I already told my brother-in-law I would go down by him and ride, taking the kids also. I think they need to get out just as bad as the old men. Good family fun!!!. Keep me in mind next time is my E-mail. How are the trails at Buffalo Range I heard alot of people get hurt out there, something not for kids? Have fun. :)



I think we are planing on B-Range Sat.

Look for us on the track,I'm on a 01 426 with Pro Source graphics #19, my buddy is on a450f #88 see ya there!

p.s I see alot of kids at B-Range.They also have a pee wee track.

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