2012 wr450f what map comes on comp ECU?

Have a question for those out there. Picked up by bike the other day and broke it in. Have the comp ECU as well as fmf gytr pipe to toss on. I have a question though.....what mapping comes on the comp ECU? I didn't buy a tuner and probably can't until after Christmas.

Now that I'm on the topic I noticed today that after the bike was warm I didn't notice a change in idle when turning the screw. Are these much less sensitive that carbs when it comes to turning in or out an idle adjustment screw? First FI bike.


When you hook up the Power Tuner for the first time you'll see all zeros and that's the stock map.

I road mine with the stock map to see what it was like a few rides than adjusted from there.

I assumed I would need the tuner......jackpot!

You will need a tuner to change the base map but it will run fine with the base map.

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