Any Carb-Savy riders near East Bay??

Hey All,

I just got done reading the LONG thread on the BK mod controversy. I have a small problem...I am not knowledgeable with carbs but I can ride and my bike has a problem. It's a 2001 426 and I'll try to describe the problem.

It runs great...while I'm on the gas and while there's a load on the motor...if I try to cruise at a steady throttle position, like on a fire road, it sputters. It never hesitates while getting on it...only when my question is...

Is there anyone in my neck of the woods (LIvermore, CA) that would be willing to hook up with a semi-newbie and give me some tips on carb settings. I know I have to make some small mod to the stock settings but not sure what to try.

I would be willing to buy beers, gas, whatever it takes...basically I'm looking for my moto-guru to teach me the ancient ways of the finer things in moto.

If you are into charity, or just want to show off your skills...I'm a pretty fast learner and some would say I'm ok to hang out with so....any takers??

Please consider it your civil duty..or your carmic bank account...I'd be very stoked to get rid of the sputter-pops and get on with the most fun I've ever had..

Thanks in advance,




Rip the knobbies clean off !!


I'll be at ClubMoto this Saturday. About 9 to 1pm. Red Tundra, two large blue EZ-UPs, 00 426, Z50, and girlfriend, (of course).

Drop by if you wish. I'll have some spare jets, but I don't know if I have the range you'll need.


send me an e-mail @, i'll let you know whats up, i have the same bike.



2001 yz 426

1998 gsx-r 750

Thanks DaveJ,

Man, I am stoked now. For two reasons. First, I'm happy that my bike is not far from perfect (may be a bit of a stretch) and Second, after taking a spin on Dave's bike I know what true crispness is like. That thing is running like a top.

Dave, you're the man...thanks for taking some time and checking out my bike.

Hopefully I'll bump into you again sometime...this forum is the best.

Ride On,


Hey - I've got the same bike and "sputtering." Even have the pretty much the same weather (this past week) and elevations as the Livermore area!

What's the scoop?

Like eBayThumper, I haven't really thought it was much of an issue. Since I don't race and the bike starts easily these issues are more of an annoyance then anything.

(FWIW - the jetting/BK threads are so long with so many differences of opinion/bike setups/ambient conditions that it is hard to decipher for a newbie like myself. I have read them though.)

My bike is stock except a BMP spark arrestor.

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Hey Dave !

I run a 250F but am having similar probs a as eBayThumper and was wondering if you could answer a few questions.

What is the best way to set the fuel screw?

Where did you start when cleaning up the sputtering. I have the same symptoms as eBayThumper

"It runs great...while I'm on the gas and while there's a load on the motor...if I try to cruise at a steady throttle position, like on a fire road, it sputters. It never hesitates while getting on it...only when cruising..."

I'm looking for some input from the master !

- the air filter is clean and oiled correctly

- I'm using 92 octane super unleaded

- bike is bone stock, (except uni airfilter)

- I have Vortex and FMF ignitions but untill I get this worked out I don't want to add any variables.

- All jetting is stock, and I'm at 2 1/2 - 2 3/4 turns out on the fuel screw.

Thx for a great 4 banger resource.

Thanks Jason, glad it worked out well for you. Let me know if you plan on coming out there in the future and perhaps we can dial it in a little further via some track testing.

As for his bike, the sputtering was minor. It was actually in much better shape that I what I assumed based on his posts.

All I really did was clear out the bowl (to assure that there was no water in it) and then I turned out the fuel/air screw another 1/2 turn. (It was at 1). No need for jetting.

I think it still needs to have the fuel spray dialed, but that's minor and should not harm anything he's doing.

That's about it.


Hey Dave and ebaythumper,

How often are you guys out at ClubMoto? I'm out there all of the time. We should all hook up for a ride!



Well...why didn't you say something!!

I'm there about once every two weeks. Usually go Saturday mornings to get the fresh groom and beat the heat.

I'll be out now for about 3 weeks since I'll be having the junkyard of metal removed from my leg.

But let's stay in touch. It would be good to link up!!


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