2013 KTM 250SX (Shift problem and now stuck in 3rd gear)

Third ride on my 2013 KTM 250SX and it's stuck in 3rd gear. Not sure the issue other than I see previous models have had this problem. This is my 3rd 250SX since 2008 and I've nver experienced this problem with these bikes. I took it back to the dealer seeing as I just bought it last month and they seem to be helpful to get it fixed.

Does anyone know if KTM has officially identified this as a problem with 2013 models?

there is 1 guy over at ktmtalk (beeners) who's bike would not shift from 4th. he found a stripped bolt. here is one of his pictures:



no issues yet for me, but this might become an issue in the long term. supposedly its a 5mm bolt, really small for the amount of stress it has to take. im thinking you might have this issue as well.

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This is a little scary seeing I will be picking mine up next month

why be scared? heli coil/time sert it and move on. its a 5mm bolt, if the threads pulled out like that it was probably overtorqued at the factory. the time sert/heli coil will be stronger than the original and it'll be fine. yes maybe a 5mm bolt there isnt along the lines of what move people would think should go there but i dont believe the '13 is the only one that uses it and that was the first ive heard of that issue online. i wouldnt worry about it, just ride.

I love KTM's and would LOVE to have a nice, brand new one.....

But I think the term "Keep Throwing Money" applies here :smirk:

Good luck, I think "mynewcr250" has you covered :thumbsup:

I have had a 2012 sx250 that had 80 hours on it orginal motor nothing done too it ever and the bike shifted good its whole life. Now I have a 2013 with 21.6 hours on it and it shifts nicer then the 12 and have also no problems with this bike

sounds like maybe just a few isolated cases. only have a few hours on mine but it shifts like a dream. so far its functioning every bit as good as my honda and thats saying alot. never had any newer ktm's until now, so my main concearn when i bought this bike was how well the transmission would be. ive got some pretty old ktm's and the trannys are alittle notchy, so i was real impressed how smooth this '13 has been. bellville clutch has been working great also. still amazing how light the pull is on the lever

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Two things to update:

1. Most importantly the dealer along with KTM is taking care of the problem with no run around. Dealer also informed KTM about the problem in case this becomes a trend in these bikes.

2. Dealer is replacing the "shift shaft" assembly. I'll post pictures when I pick it up.

Hopefully this will take care of it. I too was a little surprised, again, this is my third 250SX and the first this has ever happened.

I love KTM's and would LOVE to have a nice, brand new one.....

But I think the term "Keep Throwing Money" applies here :smirk:

Good luck, I think "mynewcr250" has you covered :thumbsup:

Japs are the biggest over rated garbage human has never create.

Japs are the biggest over rated garbage human has never create.

note the " :smirk: " .....It was a joke.

Japs are the biggest over rated garbage human has never create.

please, KTM is overrated as well, and its not KTM's fault nor the Jap's fault that they're over rated, its guys like you.

to the OP, awesome that KTM is stepping up. try to get as as much info and maybe even a couple pictures as well. id like to see exactly what the failure was.

Japs are the biggest over rated garbage human has never create.

I think what Japan produces is pretty dam good, KTMs are quite over-rated. I could use the YZ 250 as a prime example.....

Considered how big corporations these Japs are especially Honda it is rather astonishing brand like ktm can bypass them on creating really high quality dirt bikes. They lack the innovation the KTM has.

Come on guys. Honda trying to improve their two stroke dirt bikes... Coming up with electric powervalves, that was the all the time low. :lol:

wow, can anyone say fanboi? a good electric power valve would far surpass a mechanical one. a mechanical valve is limited, you can make an electronic valve do anything you want. you can run much more extreme porting because instead of having a mechanical valve driven off centrifugal force thats either OFF or ON, you can electrically open it 15/25/50/75 percent or where ever you want. if you think an electric power valve is no good, its safe to say youre very short sighted on what the possibilities are with one.

honda just didnt give a damn, and who can blame them, they were committed to dropping the 2 stroke.

put down the orange koolaid, ktm is not the second coming of christ.

^ said "my new wcr250" :jawdrop: ...lol :p

Calm down guys, I have had new cr250 and friends has all the big japs and I learned from these to get ktm. No need to lose your temper guys. :D

I can honestly, hand in my heart say when I bought ktm and I felt like I am not fooling myself anymore. :);) ;)

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I thought that Honda was way ahead of the curve with he electric power valve. The bikes were misunderstood by the "two strokes shall have hit" mentality at the time.

YZ250s still have a huge "hit" tuned in with is nothing more than a throttle slide that is too rich and timing that is too far advanced. It isn't a hit at all. It's a dead spot just before the power valve opens and the engine comes on the pipe. Fix those and your bike is nearly as smooth as the Honda. Put a leaner slide in a Honda and it really gets smooth. the Mags really whined about the Honda. Then they found that most riders got faster and more consistent lap times with them. So they just said that they were no fun.

Of course now they are trying to tell you these four strokes with no hit and super fun and awesome.

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