Anyone here have any good or bad comments about this place? I am buying Nstyle graphics and they have the best price so far. Thanks,


I usually buy from either Rockymountain or Hipersports. They seem to have great prices, and I haven't had any problems with either.

Good Luck.


I get all my stuff from em. Always the best prices, very friendly service and I usually get my stuff within 2 or 3 days. Never had a problem.....Later

Been using them for years. No problems at all.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

DO NOT use hyper!!!!

Earlier this year I tried to get the hurricane kit and about 400bucks worth of other stuff.I was told 3days. after 5 I called and said everything except one thing had been shipped.

Three days later nothing so i called again.

They clarified that someone made a mistake and everything was there except one thing and they were waiting to ship all at once.

A few days later i called again because nothing had shown up. They once again clarified that they were WRONG both other times............Only one thing was there and they were still waiting for everything else and they would ship as soon as they got it ALL!

Lies lies LIES!!!!!!

I told them to stick that 600-700 dollar order up their A$$.

Six month or so later they called and asked me if my address was the same so they could ship my stuff that had just arrived!

They had NO clue that the order was placed 6 months ago!

I refreshed his memory and he looked at the invoice and almost crapped his pants!

He appologized for the delay and wondered if I still WANTED IT??????????????????

I told him to ship it COD.

When it got here 2days later i REFUSED IT!

DO NOT USE HYPER IN colorado springs...........use ROCKY MTN!

much friendlier and much more knowledgible!


Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

Very friendly on the phone, plus got my shock spring and number plate backgrounds within a week.

I will buy from them again.

There is not a company out there that is perfect. But hipersports is darn close. They are the only company i go through!!! c-ya

I've had excellent service using Motorcycle Accessory Wharehouse. http://mawonline.com/

They call if there is a problem filling your online order and they have online tracking so you know when it shipped.

Oh yea, the prices are good too.

I've had some bad luck with Hipersports and stopped using them. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when they apparently had a computer glitch and sent me the same order about 5 days after the first one got to my house--no big deal right, honest mistake/screw up. Well trying to get it resolved through email didn't work, couldn't get a response or the gal couldn't understand what I said happened. So then the phone calls commenced, after wasting about 2 hours of my time over a period of 3 days I finally figured out that I'd have to physically take the stuff to the FedEx office and pay for shipment out because Hiper wouldn't sent me a tag, pre-arrange the transaction, nor would they give me their account number to provide to the FedEx counter. This pissed me off because I value my time, why should I have to waste my time and gas for their screw up? You would think they'd do everything possible to make it easy for me to get their merchandise back.

They choose to use FedEX Ground which is so messed up they couldn't figure out how to pick up a package they dropped off at my door 3 days earlier (hence me having to bring it to them).

The bottom line in that story is Hiper made me do a bunch of running around and coordinating because of their screw-up, and I don't like that.

Some other things that I don't like about Hiper:

- They have "hidden" charges they put on your bill i.e. internet order fee etc (that other companies don't charge [i.e. rockymountain]

- A lot of their listed items on the website are confusing i.e. they'll have the written description that goes with say a Good quality RK 0-Ring Chain, but when you order you'll get a lower quality item i.e. an RK o-ring chain not rated for racing i.e "sport chain" (happened to me) In other words the part numbers don't match up the correct product so you think you're getting a good deal when you could be getting ripped off.

-- I've noticed this on a few products, not just chains as I started to compare product descriptions with part numbers of the same items on other sites

-- Makes me almost think it's on purpose

I just started using Rockymountain and have been extremely satisfied with them, no hidden charges, they use UPS, and so far, have always sent me the right stuff. I also use Chaparral but their customer service is a little squirrely at times and the web site is sometimes not very user friendly. Also have used Dr Dirt who's treated me well, and MAW which has been ok.

Hope this helps

Forgot 1 more thing,

I've also had them overcharge me for their tire special and when I called them and inquired I was told I didn't get the special because it only applied to internet orders.

The only problem was I DID order it online.

I personally like Hipersports. I have ordered from them many times, and the orders have always been correct and on time.

The last order I placed with them, I received a call 2 days later, and it was their customer service letting me know the Renthal chain I ordered was on back order, but the rest of my parts were ready to go. They offered me a D.I.D. O-Ring chain (which was more exspensive) for the same price I ordered the Renthal. I was very impressed they called to let me know this, and offered me a better deal so I would get my whole order on time.

I will continue to use Hipersport not only because of the good service I have received so far, but also because they carry a larger variety of manufacturers and products !!!

I've used hipersports once, placed an order that I wanted in a week, they sent me part of the order in about 8 days along with a bill that stated many items were backordered which they didn't tell me on the phone. I now use Bob's Cycle supply, they let me know the status right away and get the stuff within 2 days. mike

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