Too soon after surgery??????

Doc says it's ok to ride as long as I wear the Cti2.

I'm 12 weeks out from ACL graft (cadaver) and meniscus clean up. Have about 90% flexion and 80% strength back.

My Doc is a highly respected sports ortho and is and has been team ortho for many pro sports teams.

Have had a few people tell me my Doc is nuts that I should wait 6 mos.

Would like to hear your opinions if you have had this surgery.



It sounds like your doc knows what he's doing and if he knows you very well he should be a good judge of your capabilities. Does he understand the stress put on your knee while riding? Oh yea, don't crash!


Scott F,

My specialized sports doctor (I cant remeber the "correct" term for what type of Doctor he is LOL) told me the same thing about 2 yrs ago when I broke both of my forearms in a bad crash! I had to wear casts on both of my arms for 3 months (they had to rebreak/reset my forearms). After this "ordeal" was over the doctor said I could ride as long as I was VERY CAREFUL. He said my arms would be stronger than they were before (from all the calcium deposits) but my muscles were small and they needed time to rebuild!

The doctor said I should ride for a max of 2hrs a day for the 1st few weeks and gradually step it within a month you are almost back to your routine. I know your situation is probably more serious than my breaks were but I thought I would throw my $.02 in! Hope you get to feeling better soon (I know not riding was killing me LOL),


I am just returning from knee surgery also. I had a total destuction of my left knee and to top it off he ground out some arthritis while he was in there. The acl, mcl and cart healed up fine but I have been having trouble recovering from the bone grinding. It is getting better (slowly) and I just got my Asterisk braces yesterday. I am gonna take it slow at first (like I was ever fast!!) and work hard to get back up to speed. If he said to start riding.....go for it!!!


ACL repair has significant variability in recovery depending on numerous factors. No one knows these better than your Doc since he saw the inside of the joint first hand! Your presurgical condition and "collateral" damage; cartilage, menicus, MCL, etc.. play a role in recovery time. One advantage you have is the use of the cadaver or allograft.

Studies have shown that quadriceps strength

returns faster than use of autografts and at 6 months the allograft knees are usually stronger. It can take up to 2 full years for the autograft knees to be at max strength. This is likely due to the trauma of the patellar tendon.

Anecdotically, I have seen more problems with "frozen" patellas and tracking problems with autografts. I think if cleared by your doc you should go for it, provided you are on schedule and continue to rehab (sounds like you are). Words of caution: There are many fine sports medicine docs that deal with athletes all the time. I believe, however, that there are very few that understand the sport of motocross and off-road racing as far as the physical demands.

They often under-estimate the requirments. This is quickly changing thanks largely to the increased popularity of the sport and "extreme" riders who are getting injuries at a much higher incidence.

The opportunity for the variety of injuries our chosen sport offers is hard to match.

If you ride, I would avoid rutted or tight trails. Any dabs of your foot that results in rotation at the knee could set you back. Keep your feet on the pegs as much as you can and think of riding as therapy (which it is) to strengthen the joint. Do not get overconfident with the brace as rotation, even with the best brace, is hard to check. They do, however, check hyperextension nicely. Stay sensible and you should be fine.

Good Luck and enjoy your first ride back!

Be ready with the ice!


Just curios, what is your doc's name?

Thanks all, guess I'll try it out next weekend. Just gonna' take it real easy. It will give me a chance to sort out a few things since I had just done the '01 clutch update and the BK carb mod before I hurt it.

Court, my surgeon is Dana Seltzer at MedPro Orthopedics. He is/was the head ortho for the Coyotes and a few other teams here and in Cali. Did a real clean job on the knee and I've had zero problems other than a little excess scar tissue.

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