GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

I have an 09 YZ450F that I was thinking of changing out the footpegs on. Saw some Cast Titanium GYTR ones on Rocky Mountain for a steal at $70 http://www.rockymoun...9-Yamaha-YZ450F

Are they going to be any different from the stock ones? Any pros or cons? Any help would be much appreciated.

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If they're Ti, they'll be lighter. I believe the '09's were steel (try a magnet). Mostly, they should be wider, and that you will like.

Thanks Greyracer. I'll check, but I could have sworn they were "supposed" to be titanium. Nothing wrong with them other than they are really getting dull and lack in traction. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks

They've been back and forth on the OEM Ti peg thing once or twice between '07 and the current models. I think money was the reason. I know '06 OEM was Ti, but one or two year models after that were steel again (although they may be stainless) from what I've seen posted.

I just got my set of gytr pegs, the price on is awsome. The pegs Look super sharp and wide. Cant wait to try them out on a ride just got to get my motor back together. My old pegs are worn down a lot. By the way, The stock 07 pegs are ti. The gytr pegs are a lot sharper the the stock pegs for my bike. Boots will probably wear faster.

For the price I would grab a set.

5 minutes with a file and your old pegs can be sharp again.

5 minutes with a file and your old pegs can be sharp again.

Maybe, but they'll still be narrow.

Nice. Ordered myself a set today! I wonder what the purpose of the slanted tip is? Never seen that before.

I assume that the Rockymtn GYTR pegs are rebranded from Lightspeed.

They aren't. LightSpeed pegs are welded. GYT-R as shown is cast. I have run the same set of LightSpeed pegs in Desert Racing, wherein they race through places I don't even want to ride for fun, and they've encountered pretty much every sort of rock and other hazard you can think of. The bottoms are scarred and yes, I even bent one of them once, but a hammer took care of that easily enough.

I pretty much categorically disagree with your review, overall. Quite happy with mine, but then they aren't the one being discussed here.

You are correct grayracer, mine are steel. They are about the same size as the GYTR ones and I'm wondering if filing them to make them sharper is a good idea, or should I just get a new set!? Other than being dull, and heavier than the GYTR ones, they are in pretty good shape. Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Just buy the GYTR pegs they are rad. For that price youd be silly not to buy them, Ti pegs are usually expensive. My stock pegs were wore down near flat at the front, Not safe to file and a waste of time anyways. Your pegs are wider than the old ti pegs but they arnt ti and not as sharp. Pegs are a wear item and they will need to be changed sooner or later. Compared to the ti pegs that came on the 07 the GYTR pegs are a marked improvement. Alot more comfortable on your feet.

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Thanks Family Man. Ordering now!

By the way...anyone know what setting needs to be fixed that would solve the issue I'm having with NOT getting emails any longer when people post to a thread I started? I've tried a bunch of different ones with no luck. Thanks!

Got mine last week. Install was spot on with OEM pegs. I didn't realize how wore my stock pegs were until riding with new ones. For $70 I am happy with my purchase and would recommend them.

Recieved my pegs and they are awesome. 1/2 the weight of stock and much sharper. Fit and finish is perfect. They are a great addition to my ride and a steal at $70. Better get them while they're still available.

Night and day better on my 07 too.

I retract my earlier review of these footpegs. I broke the left peg completely off landing from a middle sized table top which pulled all my weight to the left of the bike as my foot hit the ground and forced a handful of throttle off the next double which I skyed out 15ft past the landing, again slamming my left foot into the ground upon landing. Somehow I managed to save it but jolted my body pretty good. Might be a freak accident or product defect but I felt I should spread the word to others who may have purchased these pegs. Also, this was only the 3rd ride on them.


Man, that's a serious bummer. Glad you didn't get hurt. I would think Rocky Mountain might replace them for you. They are great to work with.

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