Cant undue throttle tube

I can't loosen the two little screws that hold on the throttle tube in order to install my hand guards. Is everyone else's this tight? Pretty much stripped the heads on the screws at this point..

It's not that they are tight, it is that they are soft. Wrong size Phillips will strip them easy.

Save yourself and go buy a little impact driver set from Harbor Freight. Then you can remove the two screws with no trouble. Then take screws to hardware store and replace with Allen or Hex head screws. I've replaced a lot of Phillips heads with Allen heads throughout my bikes.

Believe me, you will use that little impact driver again, (the kind you hit with a hammer). The moment I start to feel slip, I just break out the little impact driver and life is good.

Jap's dont use Phillips or Pozi, they use JIS which is why the heads get chewed if you use a phillips or pozi screw driver to undo them and they're a bit tight

If all else fails, drill the head off, then the thread portion should just unscrew. Its the clamping pressure thats preventing them from coming undone

And then when you go to install the new ones, use NeverSeize so that you never have that problem again.

Ok, I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that has experienced this. Was starting to feel even worse about my VERY limited tech ability. Would have been nice to have had them on today. Laid it over and tweaked front brake lever..

Oh yeah, please excuse my misspelling of undo. Long day yesterday!

I replace them with allen heads. The stock ones strip out way to easily.

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