What is the weight difference for exhuasts?

I have recently thought of getting a new exhuast for my WR426. I have always said I didn't need one because the bike was fast enough and the exhuast is nice looking. Now I am starting to think about the weight difference I might get. What kind of weight difference have people seen from stock to aftermarket? Could you feel the difference? It seems like a couple pounds of loss off the top of the bike could make a difference. Thoughts?

Should I be looking elsewhere for my diet?


I've heard (and believe) that the stock WR426 exhaust system weighs something absurd like 11 pounds. A full titanium FMF exhaust system is under 6 pounds, and so is a Yosh system I believe. White Bro's carbon fiber system is even less than those two (it's also 900 bucks).

I haven't put a new exhaust on my 01 WR426 yet, but on my YZ250F I have the FMF titanium system, and I think it makes a big difference, weight and powerwise. If I had the money, exhaust is the first thing I would do to my 426. But since it's just a desert/trail play bike, all my money goes into my 250F :) .

If you want to just lose weight and get a good power improvement, get the supertrapp. Big weight difference and noticable power improvement for under $200. Looks good too. Just have everyone say how their pipes are better;-) but it still puts enough power out to run with the big pipes. :)

I have been looking at the titainium pipes but I ride mosly woods and have been wounder if the Q would be more appropiate even though it would be heavier.

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