wr 400 plastic

I bought a new tank, seat, ans shrouds for my wr to make it YZ style. the ufo shrouds I got were for a 2000 yzf 426 which should work, however the lower attachment cutout to mount to the radiator goes forward and not straight in. i'am I wrong but shouldn't 2000 yzf shrouds work and not 99yzf.

2000 shrouds go straight in....01 shrouds go in at an angle, but no one mfr. seems to have this deal figured out. I had to order mine 3 times before I got the right shrouds with STRAIGHT mounting tabs! Looked for a part# for ya but couldn't find my receipt. Good luck with your search...I feel your pain :)

the 98/99 WR shrouds ARE NOT the same as the 2K and newer bikes >> Rad mounts ARE different.

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