Newbie saying HI

I've been on big 4-strokes for years (XT600's, SRX6's, Honda XR & NX600's) and just found this website. Looks like a lot of great info. Have been riding a 87 XR600 for last few years with a lot of trail-riding mods. ALso did a cool drum-to-disc brake conversion last year using a VFR 750 twin piston rear disc assembly, lots of math and head scratching, and a buddy with a machine shop in his garage (Literally- he has a CNC, 60" lathe, 50 ton press, etc...)I look forward to interacting with you all. Thanks DOUG

Hi and welcome, lots of good info here and people who are usually willing to help with your problems. You will have trouble finding a better group of guys to talk bikes with, especially BRP's. :) JR

Welcome Doug, sounds like you'll be a good guy to have around. Especially for us air cooled guys.:)

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