CT DMV Experience

Hey All,

New to the list here and thrilled with all the good info.

First Question, I'm about to buy a 2000 XR650R from a guy in CT (I'm from CT) and plan on getting a trick sport kit for it and was wondering if someone can offer some first hand experience on getting one of these XR's legal. I have already done numerous searches as well as looked @ the CT DMV website, I just wanted to get a few personal accounts of dealing with the CT DMV.



chan, Im in Ct and have a 6506 that was preiviouly road titled in New Hampshire. Ct does not have an inspection program for vehicles preiviously registered in CT. however you have a off road only title and thats the paper work hangup. you will have to make all the road legal mods and schedule a time to tak eit in to be road registered. go to the ct dmv web site for info.


pm'd you

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