2005 frame guards? Where can I find them?

Hey fellas, hoping you can help me out. So far you guys are batting a thousand, so big thanks in advance.

I'm looking for some decent frame guards for my '05 wr450.

Also, if there's anything you guys have done in the past, please share.

I was considering bed liner, like a rhino lining used there, but not sure yet.


I bought some plastic frame guards that fit the older models, and was able to modify them decently enough to fit my '06 WR. The right side fits without modification, but the left frame rail is wider, so the plastic guard had to be whittled down so that it would fit flush.

WR450 002.JPGWR450 003.JPGWR450 004.JPG

nice, where they from?

I don't remember! :confused:

But like I said, there off of the older model Yamaha's. 400/426?

haha, i have a very limited memory as well..... :rolleyes:

thanks for the tip!

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