my dad blew up his wr , please read

we were riding in the tin cup area of colorado my dad was riding his 99/2000 wr400, im not sure i didnt have my 450 yet so i was following in his 4x4 truck (NO FUN) we were coming over a mountain pass and the allen screws that hold the ignition coil on to the frame fell out, no problem we had extra bolts, put them on and kept going about 10 minutes later his bike died and the kickstarter was locked he got it started and i watched oil pouring out from somewhere under the frame well one of the allen bolts went across the engine and in between the chain and the case and the chain beat it into the case causing a hole and the oil pouring out :). well we loaded up and since it was the first day of vacation he fixed it with epoxy and had a minscule leak, so he rode for four more days and the place where the camshaft rides on the head causing the compression to stick open. anyways he took it apart and he needs a stock cylinder head and cams, if anyone has any of these parts please pm me .

cam seizure is 100% repairable for around 100$.

Mike is the man who has been repairing these bad boys from the beginning.

thank you for your help we will definitely check this out

\ :)

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