Shifting Issue on 04 450

Hey fellers, this is my first post here and I just got got a 04 yzf450 a couple months ago. I haven't had a dirt bike since I was 12 (25 now) and I got a good deal on this one. The only problem it has is within the transmission (I'm guessing.) When I shift up into third and try to downshift back to first, when going from 3rd to 2nd the shifter gets stuck and I cannot push it down into 1st without clicking it up to where it "sits" in 2nd. This makes it tricky on very technical tracks where there are alot of hairpin corners. Especially in MX boots where I can barely feel the shifter/brake. Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? If so, aside from splitting the cases, is there an easy remedy? Thanks

first thing to check is the shift lever itself to make sure it isn't loose on the splines,if thats ok then you could pull the side cover to check the lever on the drum and related parts after that then its splitting the cases to check shift forks and gears.

The shift lever has to be able to recenter itself freely in order for the system to work right. Working it through the gears on a stand, does it recenter correctly on each down shift, or does it need "management"?

If I barely push it down into 2nd it doesn't do this as often, but as we all know in the heat of riding, that's not very easy to acheive. I would say 7-8x out of 10 it sticks and has to be clicked up to downshift into first.

Something is causing the shift shaft to bind, then. It may be bent.

I am not sure about the inner workings of the transmission but from what I can tell on the outside of the transmission, nothing is sticking. There isn't anything around the shift lever to cause it to get stuck anywhere. Has anyone ever cracked the cases and can give me a general idea about the innards of the transmission near the shifting mechanism that could be causing this issue?

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