Picked up the Asterisk braces

I picked up my Asterisk knee braces from the Innovation Sports factory yesterday. Need to get them adjusted and then go for a ride as I haven't been on the bike yet.

While there, I met David Vaught and Brad Freeman. David gave me a tour of the factory and I was impressed by the place. He also helped me with the braces, explaining and showing me how to get them fitted correctly. The entire experience was good.

The only complaint I have isn't even with them. It cost me $5.00 to travel about 15 miles on the new (Hwy 241) toll road!!! :)

Enough of this, need to get fitted and go ride. Will keep you informed.


I open the box and everything I need is there, including the allen wrench needed to adjust the extension position stops. Even has directions that an idiot like me can understand. Place them on my knees and prepare for strap-down.

These are as easy to put on as a pull up rubber wrap. I get them on and adjust the extension stops and am thinking I'm ready to go. Really excited to think I'll be able to ride at speed again.

I have never worn any knee braces before and they seem so bulky and feel odd. I stand up from the couch and am pleased with the way they feel so far. Pull on the gear and they fit well under the pants. Pull on the boots and uh-oh, can't get the top strap buckled. I pull and tug, adjust the straps out as far as possible and still a no-go. I take the practice boots off and pull on the race boots, adjust the straps and they fit just fine under those boots. Must simply be a difference with the boots.

While I walk around in the garage I notice the extra bulk but it is not too bad. Throw a leg over the bike and notice that movement is restricted a bit. Have a concern about starting the ol' 426. Bring my leg up to the kick starter and while there is noticable bulk, I can easily reach the starter. Get the bike lit and I'm off. Headed straight to Ty Davis's practice trail (about 1/2 mile from the house) and get busy.

The first thing I noticed was that when I squeezed the tank I could not really feel it. It also felt as if I were riding a fatter bike because of the extra parts between the tank and me. Get into some really tight stuff and stall. Again, no problem getting to the starter.

People have said here on TT that after a short time you forget they are on. I had my doubts but they were correct. Whether it was tight trail or fast rough stuff I never really thought about the braces. There were no obvious areas where I got pinched or where the braces were obnoxious. I do still have my doubts (since I have never worn braces) about how they will wear my pants and tank graphics but time will tell.

So far so good!!! :)


ASTERISK rules... :)

I had the same experience when I first got mine. They are excellent braces. They will scrape up your tank graphics though, about the only downside I've found, and a small one at that. I think I've heard of some guys putting some sort of foam on the braces where they contact the the bike and it helped.

Thor makes Knee sleeves, which are neoprene guards that go over the patella cup. They really save the wear on pants and tank. They are a little hot, though.

Being warm or hot when I ride is not a big deal for me. When I ride hard I sweat like a whore in church anyway. :) The extra heat in my joints may be a good thing!!!

I attached the "biofoam"--used to pad the hips in MX pants--to the inside of the braces. This has totally eliminated wear on the graphics and also makes it easier to grip the bike because you get more contact surface area.

I used safety wire to fasten the foam in place.


I am wearing the braces because I blew out my left knee in March. I never wore braces of any kind prior to the injury. I honestly believe I may have still injured the knee with braces but it may not have been anywhere near as serious an injury as I sustained.

While they do feel more restrictive than not wearing one, they do offer great hyper-extension protection. Personally, I am willing to give up some mobility for the support the braces give me.

Yes, flexibility is less than without the braces and I certainly understand your concern about the tuck and roll issue. My feeling is that I am more likely to bang my knees up more frequently in corners or jumping than a high speed get off. I rarely get out of first gear so the high speed thing is almost non-existent for me!!!!

Unfortunately, my work schedule has not allowed me to get to the track yet. I have ridden Ty Davis's practice trail a few times since I got the braces. They do feel bulky but, they feel better (getting used to them??) every time I ride. The area I am having head noises is when I think I am not gripping the tank but I actually am. Obviuously, all of the hardware between my knees and the tank is the issue there. I am having difficulty adjusting to that more than anything else.

Overall, I believe what others have posted here about getting used to them is very accurate. The more I wear them the better I feel about them as well as well as myself.


I have not had a problem with the graphics yet but I like your idea. I certainly do not grab the tank with my knees while trail riding as I would if I were at the track. I think once I can get out to the track, that will be the true test for the braces vs. graphics issue.



Just curious, are you wearing these because you have knee problems? Or just trying to prevent problems? I had read two schools of thoughts. Some Dr.s saying braces can prevent injuries and then some saying you shouldn't wear braces unless you have one. I went with the former and purchased a pair of Asterisks. The braces look like they are made of top quality and were comfortable while on, they were just so restrictive for me. Hard to start the bike. Wasn't too easy just throwing a log over the bike and I felt like Frankenstein trying to walk around. I have no don't they would have protected my knee from being hyper extended but the thoughts of going over the bars and not being able to be flexible when rolling was just too much for me. It took me about a half of a lap on the bike to figure they weren't for me. I'm just curious how long it took you to feel comfortable. Also, if you went over the bars in a high speed crash, do you feel confident if you start tumbling you can tuck and roll without the braces hindering your flexibility in any way? I just felt that them made me so stiff I could end up injuring my back or something else because the loss of flexibility.

Just curious, don't think I will try knee braces unless I have a need to but I am curious for somebody else trying these things for the first time. I was a little bit different from you because I was looking forward to wearing them and gaining protection. They just really changed my mind after putting them on.

One note, I'm not knocking Asterisk. These are great quality braces and the people at Asterisk are great to work with. They spent plenty of time on the phone with me before the purchase and after my ride making sure I had adjusted the braces properly. When Brad, (I think) determined that braces may just not be for me, he got me a RMA right away and returning the braces was no hassle at all.

it did take me about an hour or so on the first day with the asterisks to become acclimated. the feeling of squeezing the tank without touching it was strange, but now after two weeks with the braces, and ten rides, I AM VERY HAPPY! I had not worn braces.. ever, I hardly wore the knee pads I had. now I dont want to reide without them. mid summer.. I spun my left knee on a large rock that had been exposed due to erosion. came around a banked left turn , down into a ravine, and WHACK my foot was going the wrong direction. about a week before i could walk ok, three before the knee did not want to collapse under pressure. I rode easy for two weeks before i ordered the asterisks, the day they came in is the day I was able to go all out again.

also they do a great job of preventing your knees to lock straight.. good for keepin you in attack position!

Finally got to the track today to try out the knee and the braces. The knee is sore but still intact!! I took it slow for the first few laps to make sure I would be able to handle it. As I started to get up to speed (2nd gear!!) the knee still felt ok. Cruised around for a few more laps and then got with the program. The knee felt good all day but I have yet to work up to some of the bigger jumps I was doing before the injury. I'll try some of those next weekend.

The braces worked great. After the first couple of laps I got used to them. I still have a problem not feeling the tank when I squeeze it but that will just take some time. I felt no restrictions other than what I mentioned in an above post. The tank graphics have some light scratches on them. After a tank and a half of fuel (two hours of riding time) they would have been scratched even without the braces. Overall, I really like them. I need to make some minor adjustments to the extender stops but otherwise strap them on and go. They are good for my psychie too!!!


time to find a way to pad the hindge, I've eaten my graphics off my tank! Oh Well! cheaper than a new pair of knees! I'll try finding the thor sleeves!

My knees have not been this happy in quite a while!

To echo the replies above...

I have had mine about a month now and ridden with them once in the woods and a full day at the track. These braces are AWESOME !! I forget about them after a few minutes. The company was fantastic to deal with and I got my braces in three days across the country. After being a roadracer for 5 years and now in the dirt, I figured I had tempted fate long enough and my knees were certainly worth $550. Great design and easy to put on and take off. All around an excellent product.

-- Charles

Keep a close eye on the Extension Limiter Cables on both sides of this brace! Was putting on my braces b4 riding this weekend and noticed that the outside Extension Limiter cable on my right brace was snapped & the inside EL was frayed. Rode anyway w/out incident. Fortunately my right knee is my good knee! (Wear a CTI2 on my left w/the torn ACL)

Called Asterisk yesterday & they are mailing me out a replacement cable kit. Apparently, the early braces will all need these cables replaced. They can send you the kit or you can ship your brace(s) back to them for repair. I opted to do it myself so I wouldn't miss any riding. Their Customer service was good and they are on this problem. I only wish that they would have sent out a letter and/or fix to all those who registered their warranty.

Check your braces b4 each ride, and get the updated cable! Their # is 1-800-459-2999

I've got 2 of the braces and they work great and working with the company was better than I expected ( I went there and they "fit" them for me). I used them about ten times and got lazy and just clipped them together, not paying enough attention to how tight they were. Well it cost me a operation on my left knee.

The point "BE SURE YOU MAKE THEM TIGHT" or they or any brace won't work. If they are tight they are very good.

I got mine in the first batch from the factory. I love them. They are with out a doubt the best most of us can afford. CTi's are just too expensive.

After 9 months of wearing out pants and scrapping up my new CRF graphics, I found the answer. I was in a local sewing shop with my daughter and I found some pre cut leather patches for the elbows of sweaters. Like those stuffy professors wear. Anyway, I bought a set, went home, got out my worn through riding pants, got a tube of shoe goo, spread the goo all over the patch, placed a napkin on the inside of the pant so the glue wouldn't stick the pant leg together on the inside, lined the patch up and stuck it to the pants. I, then, place a paper towel over the patch, put two bricks on it over night.

The result, a beautifully done job. but the best part is, no more scratched graphics or side panels. In fact, it looks as if the bike is getting a nice wipe down. The leather is soft and smooth. It hasn't come off in the wash.

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