YZ250 or YZ426F or YZ250F

hello i have a 99 wr400f i use for motocross

im thinking now the oposite of you trading to a 2002 yz 250 2 smoke but i trail ride say a 30 percent of the time and the 70 percent is my track.the weight factor is whats pushing me to change.

but i have a friend with a 2001 426 yz and he is in love with that machine hes a big and strong fellow im small or say short and dont have the body for that bike it burns me fassst.

I still owned a '95 YZ250 when I bought my '00 426, and I rode them back-to-back a couple times. I was surprised how much the 426 seemed to weigh when I had something fresh in my mind to compare it too. I've since sold the 250 and I'm used to the extra weight now, but it does wear me out. I was thinking maybe going with the CR250 next time. I have a friend who went from a 426 to a CR250 and he loves it. I'll probably never sell my 426 but for tight MX I think a 2 stroke might be the better choice. For open tracks the 426 is the machine to have.

I am a owner of a 2001 YZ250. However, I was also an owner of a 1998 YZ400. Im thinking about switching back to a thumper. I am wondering how much better is 426 compared to the 400s? Does the 426 feel any lighter than the older ones? My 250 feels so much lighter but I was faster on the 400 which tired me out faster too! Just looking for some honest oppions. Thanks. For SALE 01 YZ250 $4600 Trades considerd

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I think it all has to do with the rider. I have a 2001 yz426, and a 98 yz250, and I frequently ride them back to back. I am always surprised at how much the two bikes feel the same! I do notice a slight difference when jumping (the 426 jumps better for me) and riding wheelies (again, the 426 is better) but I'm also just a novice rider, so maybe I'm not experienced enough to notice a difference.


I had a '98 400 and now ride an '00 426.

The 426 has better power, better suspension and slightly better ergo than the 400.

Weight? Well it's only 2lbs lighter so you still feel it. Personally I think it helps the bike track better when the course is chewed up.

If weight is your big issue then look at the CRF or wait and see what Yamaha does for '03.

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I just traded my 2001 YZ250 for a 426. I feel I got the better end of the deal. As for a the CRF, I now a guy who just bought one. Very trick. One kick. Exhaust sounds the same to me at idle. It did smoke a little, but he only let it run for a couple minutes. Can't wait to see one on the track.


I had a 98 400 and now have a 01 426. I like the 426 better than the 400. There isn't a great difference except I feel the power delivery is much better on the 426. A few additional cc's and lighter valve train make a big difference. I've done the BK mod and have been playing around with the jetting just to see what happens. This is way faster than my 400. I go through rear tires quicker on the 426 too!!!

How hard is it to do the BK mod? Does it make a great deal of a difference? I Usually race Hare Scrambles and Ride a local MX track. What other mods are 426 riders doing? Thanks.


Check out this link for the BK mod--- http://mx393.tripod.com/carb.html And for more info use the search button and you will find TONS of info! Later,


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