2004 to 2005 exhaust

Will a 04 aftermarket system (Leo x3) fit a 2005 wr450?

if no, why not?

So...nobody knows?

I put a stock 05 wr 450 muffler on my 03 wr 450 so I would guess that an aftermarket unit should fit too.

I put YZ450 pipes on my 2003-05 WRs, and 2004-5 pipes have all fit on these bikes without issues.

So, I also would agree that your aftermarket pipe should work.

yes it will fit

Hi, I just got a 2004 WR 450, and I would like to know if the exhaust systems for other years will fit mine.


I'm looking for second hand, so it's hard to find something just for the 2004. 


Also, will the ones for YZ fit the WR?


Thanks a lot!!

I believe the YZ and WR header diameter are different at the joint, but that all steel frame YZ and WR 450 exhausts are compatible if you swap the whole assembly. 

Wr250 pipes fit the 450 as well. Fmf, for sure that I know of.

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