'08 450 Plastics

My '08 plastic is beat to sh*t. What is the cheapest plastic to get? WIll 2012 WR plastics bolt right on?

I do not know for sure but pretty sure it won't fit. I do believe they have changed a bit since 08 to 12. But like I said I am not 100% sure

Only the front fender fits.

I was told '07-'11 will work.

Going to get a box from acerbis with everything in it. Leave the shrouds with no decals or does that look funny?

Only the radiator shrouds are different, the fenders and air box covers will fit.

Having trouble finding just the shroud decal kit. I don't need the fender crap and swing stickers etc.

Searched everywhere in Canada but mainly just finding the complete decal kit and mostly for the yz's

How did you go with your search? I have a WR450 2008 and was also thinking of replacing the plastics?

rear panels fit, front fender. I am sure you could make the rad covers fit with zip ties.. mine are held on by zip ties after being torn off so manytimes

Mark831, the Acerbis plastics were pretty cheap. I think $120 Canadian or so.

I did order some graphics off of Ebay and it cost almost as much as the plastics!!

Rear fenders are interchangable as well...if you are interested in OEM in white...2013.

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