XR600 smokes when revving up

My XR600 got hot in the dunes and now it smokes. Did I toast the motor? Is it worth putting rings on it?

Can the cylinder be bored or Nickel coated? If I let it idle and then rev it smoke pour out the exhaust. Sounds like the rings are fried.

Could anyone tell me what oil to use in this bike? I have been using 10-40 4 stroke oil but I know some motors like one oil over another some times.

Any help you can give will help. Thanks!


I ran my 87 like that until it got to the point of using a quart every 50 miles--My buddies jokingly called it "the 2-stroke/4-stroke" because I burned and smoked so much oil. As long as you keep the oil level fine you CAN ride it but you are losing a lot of compression=power. I finally installed the Thumper Racing 660cc Baja kit. (basically 4" piston and sleeve--not much more $$$ than stock replacement stuff in the long run) and some mild headwork and 5-angle valve job. HELLO power!! Easy process either way. But you prolly got toasted rings. After you do ring job make sure you change oil REGULARLY--and clean air filter REGULARLY--BIGGEST enemy of big bore Thumpers is dirty oil. I do it every 500 miles. PERIOD. DOUG

I used to ride with a guy who rode a 85 600, his smoked and smoked he would rebuild it over and over he took it to fay meyers (which used to be a good shop in colorado) had them do it incase he was missing something still smoked like crazy would use a quart every 50 miles or so.(He didnt like it when we woke up and said lets try to put together a 130 mile loop today) He couldnt figure it out (and he has ridden for 35 years and at the time owned a large honda shop in astoria oregon) turned out it was a pinch in one of the oil lines no body ever noticed.

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