Moose Muffler Repack Cartridge

This has to be the easiest. It Took me 20 minutes, that's drill pop rivets, beer break, remove old packing, beer break, reinstall moose cartridge, beer break, repop rivet and clean up....My bike sounds great again...I will have to get back with everybody on how long it last. It states last 5-10x longer than glass mat packing. I will be the judge of that. The cartridge comes with a cardboard tube thru the center and you slide the whole unit in and pull out the cardboard tube and your ready to re-install end cap, It's that easy...With this you don't have to take off both ends and you don't have to wonder if your packing is at the end when you slide it back together. I didn't even take off my muffler to do this...I hope this is a great product since I'm raving so much about it... check it out. You have to order it depending on what muffler you have. (oem, fmf, pro circuit or white bros.) web page

What kind of pop rivet gun do you use and where did you get it. I think I'm going to try this repack as well but I want to get it straight how I will re-attach the end cap.

Just pop rivet it back on....


When I repack my muffler I use stainless steel wool instead of the regular fiber packing. It lasts much longer and works just as well when muffling the sound.

I use stainless steel 3/16th rivets. They seem to hold tighter and better than the aluminum rivets. They are harder to squeeze down than an aluminum rivet but well worth the extra work. Make sure that the rivet gun you get is one of the bigger ones as it helps the squeeze factor.


If you dont want to use rivets just drill and tap a larger hole for a screw to fit (I think rivets are a PITA)! I used this method and it is quicker and easier than rivets IMO. Just make sure you use High Temp sealant to seal everthing up! Later,



Does the SS wool come like a SOS pad??? I just repacked my 00', four rides later its crackling and hollow sounding, used the traditional matt crap. Is the SS wool readily available?? Has anyone used Silent Sport, I had very good results with that in a 2-stroke exhaust

I tried the silent sport stuff. It took 2 bags ($30+) and burned out in about 2 months.

I get a good discount at my dealer so I bought an OEM core for about $50-$60 but it'll last for a year.

I now need to do my ProMeg and am either going steel wool or Moose cartridge.

Need that link to online steel wool retailer if anyone has it.


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The stainless steel wool used for the mufflers comes either in sheets or in a roll. It is no more expensive than regular muffler packing. The silent sport stuff is good for two strokes. The heat which is put out by the fourstroke exhaust is substantially hotter and melts the fiber packing quickly.

You can try a hardware store but make sure you get stainless steel wool because regular steel wool is no better than the fiber junk. If you have any trouble finding it let me know and I'll get you some.


You can get stainless steel wool from Search for item 7364T18

It is $14.80 for a 1lb roll which is more than enough for the stock exhaust. You can also buy it in 5lb rolls at a better price

This is a cartridge that slides in and is contained in one unit so you don't have to keep stuffing steel wool in and then try getting it back out when you replace it..

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