2012 wr450 front/rear springs

Hey all,

My friend is looking for a stronger spring for his WR. He is a heavier man weighing almost 300LBS. Does yamaha offer one from factory? Thanks!

Check out Race Tech at www.racetech.com. They have everything from a spring rate calculator for front and rear springs to offering full rebuilds.

Factory Connection can hook you up with a 6.7kg/mm shock spring and .50kg/mm fork springs.

I suggest that you talk to a tuner. I have had bad luck with the spring rate calculator. Previous post recommended .50 springs. I use .49 on my bike (2006 WR), and I am only 165 lbs. I know the 2012 is a different animal, more similar to a YZ than the old WR's. Your tuner will take into consideration your skill level, terrain and intended use.

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I agree with the previus poster that you should use the spring calculators with a grain of salt.

I'm 250lbs without gear and run the spring rates I suggested earlier on my YZs and WRs. These spring rates work for my weight and the agressive type of riding I do (don't race anymore).

At 300lbs without gear these springs would be inadequate at a raceish type pace but are readily available and would make for a much nicer trail riding experience than the stock springs. I should have asked how the bike will be used...I assumed at a nice trail pace.

Cannon race craft can set you up with stiffer springs if so desired but I would definitely inquire with a well known suspension tuner beforehand. Keep in mind that no matter how good the intentions, some suspensiion tuners actually make things worse.

Good luck.

I'm riding at 290lbs on 2011 WR450. I'm using racetech 6.4 shock and .54 fork springs. One word of caution, don't just replace the spring - these spring rates for us big guys are so high that you really have to have a tuner setup the damping to go with it. With just the spring and factory damping you'll be too stiff for the clickers to do much good - I learned the hard way. Took it to a local highly recommended tuner and its a different bike.

Thanks for the info guys. And yeah mostly trail riding not racing.

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