Alleviating Skid Plate Noise?

I have a 2006 YZ450F with a Works Connection skid plate. I know that the skid plate has a tendency to exaggerate the already loud noise this engine generates. What I was wondering was if there were any tricks that anyone has tried in order to alleviate some of the noise such as rubber insulators etc.

Spray on bedliner in aerosol cans is quick and plenty good.

mine stays packed w/mud, keeps it muffled

I have foam strips along the frame rails....

I've got the RIMS (rubber mount) works connection with the foam. I don't notice any additional noise like I have with other bikes and skid plates. Added bonus of the foam is that it holds the front mounting brackets in place when you are trying to line up the skid plate during installation. The foam is just wide enough to pinch in between the frame rails and it stays in place and the mounts don't move around when you're lining up the skid plate.

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