Wrapping a std tube in an endurotube

Who is using this and comments pls

What's an Endurotube?

Think he means the tyre inner tube, and wrapping the tube with another tube to prevent puncture

Just get yourself some Michelin UHD tubes - these are 4mm thick rubber and you will not get a puncture

I do use the UHD tubes and get punctures from thorns where I ride so need to replace them at cost! all the time . Looking for a cheaper alternative - Wrapping a standard tube with a UHD and saving money.

I use a 6 mm tube by the way.

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What about using a Moose foam insert instead of a tube? If you do any kind of high speed highway riding, it's probably not an option though.

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considered tougher tires? 2 extra plys built into a good desert or dualsport tire (6ply vs 4ply mx tire)

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If you're getting frequent punctures on a 6mm thick tube then they are some serious thorns, and I wouldn't like to take a tumble where you ride!

Swap to a moose and your problems will be solved

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moose is not an option due to price! . i just wanted to know is there are guys on here that uses this setup, I am not looking for options or alternatives as I know them all , mooses , tubless, enduro tubes , tennisballs in the front and rear , tyre balls .

Yes you read right tennisballs in the tyres works well , and much cheaper than tyreballs, just dont last long.

thanks anyway.

If you get thorn punctures in 4 mm tubes where you ride you better hope you never fall or you'll bleed to death!!!

Seriously, though, any tube-within-a-tube is going to generate a TON of heat and destroy itself in short order, like your tennis balls do. In this case to ride where you want to ride you need to get a mousse or you're going to keep getting punctures, money or not. Watch the classifieds, sell your body, 3rd job, whatever, but it will pay for itself after a short time.

This is not a cheap sport and to play you gotta play; but know dirt is far cheaper than street. I used to work 3 or more jobs a time to afford tires and track days, proper dirt tires last a long time compared to track tires which can go in a weekend at $300 a set.

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