How to clean header pipe???

I have a yz400 with a WB exhaust system. Whenever I ride in the mud my pipe bakes the mud so hard that I cant seem to get it off. It is especially bad on the front of the header. After a while it starts looking like a big rusty mess. Any tips on cleaning this thing??? thanks Jim

Remove and start off with 180 Grit emery cloth, rotating like a throttle grip, then move down to 240. Last step is with Scotch Bright coarse then fine. You will notice that after this polishing mud will not adhere as before.

try using a product called Calicum Lime Rust (or clr) u can get it home depot or any hardware store in the cleaning isle ,use it with a fine scotch brite pad and your pipe will look good as new ,trust me this product works and will make life must easer

I use Simple Green and a fairly stiff plastic bristled brush. Then polish with Mothers mag and aluminum polish. The polish isn't necessary, but makes my FMF shine pretty well.

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