Right Arm Is Dead From Stock Handlebar

After 20 min on my new WR426, I can't believe how torn up my right wrist and arm feel. A friend gave me a pair of Answer/ProTapers and I have a clamp kit on order. My old XR600 had forward/taller risers and I never got this kind of arm pump. Any ideas on what worked best for any of you. I'm 6'2",190#. Thanks.



I am also 6'2", 185lbs.; changing to protaper bars(doug henry bend), and adding all the scotts goodies, ie. stabilizer, top triple clamp, applied racing(+5mm forward and +15 riser) bar clamps made a world of difference.

It seems, the wr426 was designed, ergonomically, for the vertically challenged. So, for all of us who are of normal stature, we must modify our sleds to fit us.

I hope this helps.


try a set of good thick rubber grips. i've suddenly forgotten what mine are called.

these & the protapers made all the difference.


Hmmm, never knew a bean pole was considered

"normal stature".

Verticlly Chanllanged at 5'11', 205#.


Ourry makes some WONDERFULL oversize grips. Having big hands it was hard to hold onto regular size grips. The Ourrys are bigger around, and SOOOOOOFT. Good stuff.

I finally got smart and did a search on handlebars. As I'd imagined you guys (any girls?) have talked about this many times before. I will review all the posts. Thanks again for good info.

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